Architectural Control Regulations

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) was formed to ensure all Second Irongate homeowners of a reasonable level of consistency among housing units and protection of the value of their property, per Article VIII of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions; and also Article IX, Section 3, of the Bylaws.

Change Request Form

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Forms must be made out in duplicate, of which, one form will be returned to you with the action taken by the ACC. A Change Request Form has been included in this issue for your convenience.

Change Requested

Prior to any construction or change to the exterior of the home or grounds can be done, the ACC must receive a request from the owner which specifies:

1. Specify the work to be performed (i.e., painting, additions)
2. Dimensions of project
a. Height, length, depth, etc.
b. Type of material (wood, aluminum, etc.)
c. Color specified (supply color swatch or color chip)
d. Building permit
3. Relation of the site of construction to the property line (i.e., fences, sheds, etc.)
4. A sketch of the final product appearance and a date of expected completion.
5. Any other details the ACC finds necessary to request in order to perform its responsibilities.

Include your name, address, and telephone number on your Change Request Form. Your requests should be mailed to Second Irongate Community Association PO Box 1072, Manassas VA 20108. Your request will be reviewed at the next monthly meeting and may result in one of the following actions:


The work is approved and the owner may start the project.

1. All work must be completed within thirty (30) days. If unable to complete work in thirty (30) days, an extension will have to be voted on after receiving a written request for such an extension.
2. Disapproved. The work was disapproved and may not be implemented.
3. Held Pending Further Information. No work may be initiated until the additional information requested is provided and voted upon.

Antenna Restrictions

1. No antenna erected shall rise more than six (6) feet above the peak of the roof at the centerline.
2. Antennas may only be erected on the main roof (not on the storage shed or rising from the ground.)
3. All antennas must be erected in a safe manner for its design. All antennas over four (4) feet above the ridgeline of the roof will be guided for support.
4. ACC approval for construction must be obtained prior to initiation of work. Written approval requires the height and type of the antenna and its purpose (TV, CB, etc.)

Fences (Back Yard Fence)

Fences must be well maintained and repaired at all times.

1. Basket weave and board on board will generally be approved.
2. No fence may be over six (6) feet, six (6) inches tall due to fire code regulations. All backyard fences must be at least six (6) feet in height.
3. All backyard fences must be complete with a gate and kept in good repair.
4. If repainting fence the same color approval is not required.

5. Approved colors are white, redwood; brown, natural sealed, and approved additional red shades.

Fences (Front Yard Fence)

Fences must be well maintained and repaired at all times.

1. ACC approval is required for all front yard fences.
2. Front yard fences must be three (3) feet, six (6) inches in height.

Fences (String Type)

Temporary stake and string fences will be permitted for a maximum of forty-five (45) days when placed around newly seeded lawns. It is not necessary to apply for permission for this type of temporary fence.


All existing sheds must be well maintained, repaired and painted.

1. Approval must be obtained from the ACC before any new construction begins by submitting a Change Request Form supplying the information included in these regulations under the Change Requested section of these regulations.

House Painting

Homes must be reasonably well maintained and painted.

1. The ACC must approve any exterior color changes BEFORE the painting is started. Homeowners who will be painting their house the same color do not have to apply for permission.
2. A color chip must be submitted with your Change Request Form, it will not be approved without it.
3. Any deviation from the approved color is the owner’s responsibility to correct.
4. Any home painted a non-approved color without prior ACC approval will have to be repainted at the owner’s expense.

5.Approved colors are white, tan, beige, cream, and almond. There are more colors that can be approved, some blue and gold with approval.

Lawns and Pro-Life Plants

All lawns, shrubs, trees, etc. must be maintained at all times.

  1. Permission must be granted before hedges or large growing trees are to be planted.
  2. No shrubs, flowers, ivy, trees, etc. that you may have in your yard are to infringe upon your neighbor’s property without permission from your neighbor.
  3. Trees that drop fruit or leaves into your neighbor’s yard shall be pruned at the owner’s expense.
  4. Hedges should be trimmed properly and shall not exceed a height of three (3) feet, six (6) inches.
  5. Grass must be appropriately seeded, cut and trimmed. Weed control is desirable.
  6. Trees that overhang sidewalks, alleyways, and common areas must be pruned to ten (10) feet above the ground.
  7. Nuisance trees will be handled on an individual basis.

Example: Trees causing problems and property damage to neighbor's property and common areas.


All property, including the grounds, must be maintained in a neat manner by maintaining the following:

  1. The grass being mowed regularly, well seeded, trimmed, and in good condition.
  2. The house, fence, and trim paint should not be blistered, discolored or peeling. If this exists, the house must be repaired and repainted.
  3. No trash or open storage of bulky items is allowed in the front yard.
  4. Fences must be in good repair and painted with no loose or missing boards.
  5. All broken windows must be repaired.
  6. Gutter and roof must be intact and in good repair.
  7. All new construction must be maintained to the standards mentioned in these guidelines.


1. Any house painted a non-approved color or haphazardly done will be brought before the Board of Directors with the recommendations from the ACC to require the house to be painted an approved color at the owner’s expense.
2. For any work that takes longer than 30 days to complete the ACC may request that the existing work be taken down or brought before the Board of Directors for legal action.

ACC Inspections of all Second Irongate homes are done 2-3 times a year. The homes are inspected for proper maintenance of roof, gutter, windows, trim, paint, lawns, sheds, fences, home, etc. The owner is sent an ACC Form of discrepancies listed and these must be corrected within thirty (30) days.

If the discrepancies are not corrected, the case is brought before the Board for further action:

  1. Use of the swimming pool and the reserved parking space will be suspended.
  2. The Board of Directors will contract out work, and the owner will be responsible for payment of work performed.
  3. Legal action will be taken to ensure that the repairs are corrected.