Neighborhood Watch


Non-emergency # 703-792-6500 - Emergency - 9-1-1


* Utilize deadbolts on all exterior doors and secure sliding glass doors

*Keep all shrubs trimmed below window level

* Keep tree limbed up at least six feet

*Use adequate lighting inside and outside yours house

* Use timers on lights if you are going to be away

*If you are going to be away for long periods of time get a trusted neighbor to collect your mail, mow your lawn and even park their car in your drive way from tme to time.

*Secure all ground floor windows with a pin or nail system or secondary lock

* Call the Crime Prevention Unit at 703-792-7270 to do a free security survey of your home

* Engrave all valuables items with your Virginia License Number, (not your social security number)


*Be aware of your surroundings

*Trust your instincts - if a situation make you uncomfortable call for help or avoid situation

*Avoid parking in dark areas

*Avoid going out alone

*Walk with confidence and alertness

*Have your keys ready when approaching your house or car

*Get in and out of your vehicle as quickly as possible

*When in your car lock your doors immediately

*Keep money and credit cards in your pockets or inside your jacket rather than in your purse or wallet.

*Don't take short cuts

*Doors should have peep site and never open for stranger

*Carry a cell phone