Pet Regulations

The keeping of animals other then household pets is prohibited in Second Irongate.

Prince William County requires that all dogs four months or older be licensed each year, not later the January 31, and wear collar and tags at all times. Rabies vaccinations are required for both dogs and cats.

Prince William County requires that dogs be on a leash at any time that they are off your property. (Common areas of townhouse communities are not considered to be your own property, and therefore, dogs must be leashed.) Leashing or chaining a dog outside of your fence is prohibited by County Law.

Prince William County law states that dogs must not be allowed to bark for long periods of time, or bark intensely either day or night.

Cats over the age of four months shall have current rabies vaccination. Cats that trespass on private property, if detained, will be picked up by the Animal Control Officer upon request. Call the Office of Animal Control at 703-792-6465.

It is against the law in Prince William County for an owner or person in control of a dog to knowingly or willingly allow his dog to urinate or defecate on the private property of other persons or on publicly owned property, except parts of parks posted as dog run areas. Private property shall include townhouse common areas.

Any violations of the above laws are punishable by County-imposed fines. If you have any questions concerning any of the above laws or fines please call the Office of Animal Control.

(After 5 p.m., please call 703-792-6500)