Parking Regulations

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Adopted August 1993

The Second Irongate Community Association Board of Directors has adopted the following parking regulations under the authority granted by the Second Irongate Community Association Bylaws (VIII: 1a). The Board of Directors developed these parking regulations to eliminate parking problems within our community and are applicable to the Second Irongate Community Association parking facilities. These parking regulations are in addition to any laws or ordinances in effect within Prince William County, Virginia, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Second Irongate Community association parking facilities include the following areas:

Cub Run CourtFarragut CourtCannonball CourtWinchester Court

West Point Court Meadow CourtShiloh CourtSharpsburg Court

E Court G CourtJ CourtK Court

L Court M CourtN Court

Each of these courts have signage posted “Second Irongate Parking Only.” 

Irongate Way and Community Drive are Prince William County thoroughfares. They are patrolled by Prince William County, Second Irongate Community Association, and the Irongate Community Association. Irongate Way and Community Drive thoroughfares do “not” allow reserved parking spaces to be allocated. Resident and guest parking is allowed in areas not designated as “NO PARKING” or “FIRELANE”. E Court is patrolled jointly with Irongate Community association. Specific areas are assigned no parking areas for the safety and well-being of all residents within our community.


All areas designated as “NO PARKING” are clearly marked. These areas are designated as no parking zones for the safety of our community. Areas that are always considered no parking zones are fire lanes, court entrances, areas immediately surrounding mailboxes, areas around fire hydrants and other areas determined to create visibility problems when blocked. Courts also have areas designated as “FIRELANE” to insure that in an emergency, rescue personnel can reach all areas of our community. ANY VEHICLE PARKED IN A FIRELANE OR NO PARKING AREA CAN BE TOWED AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE.


These parking regulations are enforced by the Second Irongate Community Association.  REFUSAL TO COMPLY WITH ANY REGUALTION CAN RESULT IN A VEHICLE BEING TOWED IMMEDIATELY AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. Vehicles that violate these regulations can be towed by the Second Irongate Community Association.These parking regulations are enforced by the Second Irongate Community Association.  REFUSAL TO COMPLY WITH ANY REGUALTION CAN RESULT IN A VEHICLE BEING TOWED IMMEDIATELY AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. Vehicles that violate these regulations can be towed by the Second Irongate Community Association.


You will no longer need a parking tag to park in your numbered reserved parking space. Please be advised it will be the responsibly of the unit owner or resident to call the tow company if anyone is parked in their reserved space. The Second Irongate office will no longer be responsible for the reserved numbered parking space if someone is parked in it.

Parking facilities controlled by the Second Irongate Community Association are for the exclusive use of Second Irongate community residents and their guests. Each property has “one” reserved parking space assigned with the “UNIT NUMBER.” Unmarked spaces are for resident and guest parking ONLY, as available. Each property is issued one identification tag that must be located on the interior of the vehicle, visible from the exterior to park in non-numbered spaces. Second Irongate recommends that the identification tag be placed on the inside rear-view mirror with the parking tag number showing outward so the tow company can see the tag number. The tag provides identification of the vehicle owner. ANY VEHICLE THAT OWNERSHIP CANNOT BE IDENTIFIED CAN BE CONSIDERED TRESPASSING AND IS SUBJECT TO TOWING! It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that vehicles are identified with an identification tag. This identification tag is only for use within the residential parking courts of this community. Vehicles parked on Irongate Way and Community Drive thoroughfares DO NOT require an identification tag. The identification tag is “not” a parking permit. Their exclusive use is for the identification of the vehicle owner.

Second Irongate Community Association Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (X: 7) prohibits boats, trailers, or other vehicles except as classified as passenger cars or station wagons from regularly parking in streets, driveways, yards, parking areas or common areas. This regulation shall define a passenger car as any vehicle not more than 10,000 pounds, seven feet wide, twenty feet long eight feet high. Any attachments, equipment or supplies that overhang the vehicle’s primary body shall be considered part of the total vehicle length, width, and height. This includes ladders, pipes, lumber, snow blades, snow blowers, etc. NO VEHICLE SHALL PREVENT ACCESS TO ANY OF THE PARKING FACILITIES! VIOLATORS CAN BE TOWED IMMEDIATELY!

One identification tag is issued to each property free of charge, NO EXCEPTIONS. Identification tag is replaceable after being lost, misplaced, or stolen, but not reported stolen, for a fee of $200.00 each. Identification tags that are reported stolen from a vehicle or by unlawful breaking & entering with a valid police report on file and will be replaced free of charge. Any stolen identification tag located shall be reported to the Prince William County Police as stolen property. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the security and use of their assigned identification tag. Vehicles parked in spaces unmarked “must” be identified with the proper identification. The vehicle identification tag “must” be given from the owner to the new tenant. Upon the selling of the property the identification tag “must” be transferred from the current owner to the new owner. Identification tags are provided by the Second Irongate Community Association, and are considered transferable property like house keys, mailbox keys, etc. The owner of the record for any identified vehicle can be located by the serial number of the identification tag assigned.

Any vehicle parked on common areas including court parking lots without current state inspection, license plates or which otherwise appear abandoned will be reported to the Prince William County Police and will be towed.


Any vehicle protected by a car cover “must” be parked in the assigned UNIT’s numbered space.  The Second Irongate Community Association reserves the right to inspect ANY vehicle, covered or not, using any of the parking facilities.

NO PIGGYBACK PARKING IS ALLOWED! Piggyback parking cannot be accomplished without blocking more than one parking space or preventing other vehicles from safely using the parking facilities. Reserved parking spaces for unoccupied homes are “not” to be used by other residents. The reserved parking space “must” remain available for the real estate agents, contractors, owners, or other authorized use.

PLEASE obey the speed limits. This is a residential community with many children of all ages. We are one of only a few communities that have not installed speed bumps to control vehicle speeds. Help keep our community safe for all our residents.


Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking in Second Irongate Courts. 

Commercial vehicles are considered as such when one or more of the following sub-sections apply to the vehicle in question:

(a) Any vehicle with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) exceeding 10,000 lbs.

(b) Any vehicle displaying commercial signage or advertisement.

(c) Any box or step van/truck.

(d) Any vehicle outfitted with ladders, piping, tools, external tool compartments, and/or other “work-related” features.

(e) The vehicle in question is of a size that obstructs normal vehicle traffic flow or pedestrian traffic on adjacent walkways.

(f) The vehicle in question is of a size that obstructs nearby and/or adjacent parking spaces or impairs the line of sight of any lot.

Absence of commercial signage or advertisement does not preclude the vehicle in question from being considered a commercial vehicle.


Motorcycles may be parked crosswise in your NUMBERED RESERVED parking space with a car parked behind it provided the automobile “and” the motorcycle do not exceed twenty feet in length. Motorcycles “must” comply with all other parking regulations. This is the “only” exception made for motorcycles. Motorcycles parked on common greens or sidewalks may be towed. Motorcycles that cannot be safely identified using an identification tag “must” be parked sideways in front of the assigned numbered reserved parking space—no further identification is required.


Boats, trailers, and similar items may “not” be parked in the residential parking areas. A special parking facility is available between Farragut Court and Court 6 on Irongate Way. This facility is available for use by all the Irongate community. Recreational Vehicles must be registered with Second Irongate Community Association.  Please contact the Second Irongate RV Lot Committee Chairperson to apply for registration.


Routine vehicle maintenance that does not require the use of special hoists or other large equipment may be performed. These repairs should be performed during daylight hours “only” and should “not” encroach upon adjoining parking spaces. Vehicle repairs may only be performed in the owner’s numbered reserved parking space. Unmarked spaces are “not” for repairs or maintenance of any kind. Repairs that cannot be completed during the same daylight period should have all attached parts or assemblies secured. All parts that are not attached to the vehicle under repair should be stored inside or under the vehicle and should not protrude beyond the main body of the vehicle. A VEHICLE SHALL NOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED WHILE SUPPORTED UPON JACKS, BLOCKS, JACKSTANDS, ETC.

NO SPRAY PAINTING of vehicles will be tolerated. Paint over spray cannot be controlled in any open-air environment. When changing fluids in any vehicle take the appropriate precautions to prevent any spillage. It is your responsibility to clean up any contamination that may occur during vehicle maintenance or any other activity. Residents should use environmentally safe disposal methods to dispose of all vehicle fluids.


No vehicle may be driven or parked on common greens, sidewalks or any other area not specifically designated for use by vehicles, including minibikes, mopeds, motorcycles, three wheelers, etc.

Common greens, playgrounds, sidewalks, and parking facilities are “not” for commercial purposes or any other purpose of financial gain, without obtaining written permission from the Second Irongate Community Association. This restriction shall include car washing, automobile repairs, yard sales, dances, picnics, or any other activity restricted to Irongate residents.


It is always recommended that residents make a COURTEOUS request for compliance of the owner of a vehicle in violation. Many violations are only for a short period and are often resolved before any action can be taken. Please follow the procedures listed below if the situation cannot be resolved.

  • Call the Second Irongate Community Association phone number, 703-361-3481. Please leave a message including your name, phone number and other information concerning the violation. DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE IF SOMEONE IS PARKED IN YOUR RESERVED SPACE. A response should be received within 24 hours.

  • Call the Prince William County Police Department, 703-792-6500. The PWCP department can probably help if it is an emergency or severe violation. It must be understood that the residential courts are considered private property. Their authority may be restricted to Prince William County ordinances, Virginia State Laws, etc. They may not take any definitive action other than to assist in working out a resolution.